Apple decides on $100 Cash it has; Kia Suspended Operations on Two Factories in U.S.

Apple decides on $100 Cash it has; Kia Suspended Operations on Two Factories in U.S.On Sunday, Apple has already issued an extraordinary media alert announcing that the company is planning to publicize on Monday the longed-for result to a board meeting concerning its plans on what to do with its cash balance.

Apple has a cash hoard of almost $100 billion and finally decided on what to do with it.

Moreover, Apple noted that their company would not present any other information with regard to how their business is going in the present quarter, limiting the talk to questions about the company’s cash.

The company is expected to publicize a plan to issue a continuing dividend to its shareholders. Analysts and investors of Wall Street have started to call more stridently for Apple to return some of the cash to its shareholders in the form of dividends, as its cash has been piling up.

While having too much cash is not often perceived as a trouble for a company like Apple, the company is earning less than one percent in interest on cash, wherein a lot of investors see it as wasteful.

Not until recently, the company had refused to give in to pressures to issue a dividend, a procedure that is often linked to mature companies, which have patched up into slower rates of earnings and sales growth.

On other news, on Monday, Kia Motors stated that it would defer its production at its plant in Georgia, U.S. on Monday and Tuesday, with no details of information on the reasons of the deferral.

Local media has reported that there was a fire that struck the factory of Kia Motors in Georgia, which was operated by Daehan Solution. The operator was an unlisted parts supplier in South Korean for the carmaker.

On the other hand, officials from Daehan Solution did not make any comments on the matter.

Kia Motors’ spokesperson noted that the production is presently scheduled to start again on March 21.

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